Who we are

Flic Financial is a team of investors and solar professionals committed to putting solar in reach for homeowners across the United States. We believe going solar is one of the most impactful, easy, and timely ways we can make a difference for our planet.

Our mission

Our goal is to empower homeowners to make a difference and switch to solar easily and affordably. We provide customers with access to competitive loan products that make the transition to solar as simple as flicking on a switch.

Our commitment

We promise to provide customers with a clear and straightforward lending experience, and partner with leading lenders who share our same values when it comes to helping our customers make the solar transition.

Our Partners

GEC is a private equity firm that provides growth capital to clean energy technology companies with proven or patented innovations. GEC’s companies enable the global Energy Transition by decarbonizing energy sources, while increasing productivity and efficiencies.

Genesis Park is committed to renewable energy, operating as a trusted solution finder for better safety environments, improved natural resource productivity and lowered emission profiles. In our quest for a shared goal of sustainability, we have applied technical innovation, distributed intelligence and data science to make meaningful change for our planet.

WM Capital Partners invests in businesses that make renewable energy programs accessible to the communities in which we live. The firm focuses on businesses with commercially deployed solutions that immediately help consumers decarbonize and reduce their environmental footprint.

A+ Federal Credit Union is an award-winning credit union supporting the diverse financial needs of over 180,000 members, including resources to help them obtain energy independence.

NASA Federal Credit Union serves over 200,000 Members across the United States and strives every day to tirelessly improve the financial lives of its Members and the communities it serves.

“Going solar is the best way for our family to do its part in energy conservation. We used Flic to find the right option to finance our home’s system.”

Christy Hartman
Flic Financial, CEO

“I have been investing in solar and installing solar arrays on personal properties for over a decade. Residential solar systems play a large role in environmental preservation and grid resilience.”

Paul Hobby
Flic Financial, Chairman of the Board

“With our focus on banking on each other and building stronger communities, offering financing for solar products is the next right area for A+FCU to invest in. We’re proud to support our members and the community in this way.”

John Demmler
A+ Federal Credit Union, Chief Lending Officer

“At NASA Federal, our mission is to empower people to achieve a brighter financial future by offering those we serve a unique set of value-added products, services, and opportunities. Our partnership with Flic Financial is just one such example. By providing a reliable choice for solar financing, NASA Federal, in partnership with Flic Financial, is able to support those seeking to reduce their energy costs, while also making a positive impact on the environment.”

Thomas Allman
NASA Federal Credit Union, Chief Strategy Officer

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