Flic Financial Offers Timely Guidance For Homeowners Who Want to Go Solar

Flic Financial Partners with Premier Solar Energy Installers and Leading Lenders to Offer Unique Financing Options and Counsels Homeowners on How to Make Smart Decisions About Going Solar

HOUSTON—January 10, 2024. Houston-based Flic Financial today announced it is partnering with an elite class of solar energy installers and leading lenders to help homeowners realize their goals of energy independence.

“Before we entered the market, it was a one-size-fits-all residential solar financing landscape that did not reward quality installers with access to differentiated loan products based on the strength of their businesses,” said Flic Financial CEO Christy Hartman. “As we enter 2024, Flic Financial is connecting elite solar installers’ customers with leading lenders to provide new financing options for solar that are unavailable through lower-tier installers. Our philosophy is simple. We believe the best solar installers should have access to unique loan products for their customers.”

Hartman, along with the private equity firms Genesis Park and GEC, founded Flic Financial in 2022 to help homeowners reach their goal of achieving affordable ways to harness their own energy.

“The process is very collaborative,” Hartman said. “Flic sits together with our solar installers and lending partners and we brainstorm ideas to create the best loan products for the customers’ needs. No other solar financing providers work in this way.” Today, Flic Financial processes several hundred solar loans per month and has helped thousands of customers transition to solar energy.

Flic Financial offers strong value propositions for both solar installers and lenders.

“We believe top-tier solar installers should have access to superior, differentiated loan products because they provide superior solar solutions,” Hartman said. “That’s why we don’t work with transient, unreliable solar installers. Our installer partners can offer their customers exceptional loan products, and our lenders can be assured they are making loans on high-quality equipment backed up by excellent installer customer service. It is a win-win arrangement for everyone.”

Currently, Flic Financial is working with several national solar installers and lending partners.

“Freedom Solar is partnering with Flic Financial because we want to provide the best financing available for our residential customers and we want the loan process to be simple, clear and easy” said Freedom Solar CEO Bret Biggart. “Our energy consultants can call Flic and get help even if it is late at night.” Flic provides real-time live support including nights and weekends, via a hotline answered by highly trained administrators.

There has never been a better time for homeowners to convert to solar energy than today, but Hartman said going solar doesn’t make sense for everyone. Flic offers the following tips for making smart decisions about going solar:

  • Understand the cost of your solar system with and without the federal tax credit applied. Not all customers will qualify for the credit; for instance, a retired person may not have the tax liability required to qualify. Your solar company should clearly communicate your monthly solar loan payment if you are eligible for and apply your federal tax credit and if you don’t.
  • Check the quality of your solar panels and the manufacturer’s warranty. Only best-in-class solar panels will operate for 20-25 years, the typical length of a solar loan.
  • Ask your solar installer about their service and workmanship warranty. This ensures your installation is done correctly as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Walk away from high-pressure sales consultations. You should feel comfortable with the sales process and confident that solar makes sense for you and your home.
  • Do your research. Check solar company’s online reviews, ask to visit their local facility, inquire about ongoing service and support, and ensure the company’s reputation is excellent. You want to work with a solar company that will be around for the long run.
  • Be wary of too-good-to-be-true sales offers. If you pursue a solution grossly under market price, you are likely to pay for it in the long run.
  • Don’t assume your monthly solar loan payment can be swapped for your monthly utility bill. A bill swap can’t be guaranteed and depends on the net metering agreement with your utility, the future price of electricity, and your future electricity usage.
  • Know what your solar system should produce. Solar production and offset expectations should be driven by the company’s comprehensive analysis of your current electricity usage, future demand expectations, on-site assessments and detailed system designs.
  • Be sure the company performs all work in-house, including solar installation. This helps avoid unexpected out-of-pocket costs to fix faulty installations and ensures the company will handle any unforeseen problems in house.
  • Nothing is free. Some companies advertise free electricity with power purchase agreements or solar leases. With those types of contracts, you don’t pay large upfront costs for solar panels, but you still make monthly payments to the company that owns them.

“We believe going solar is one of the most impactful, easy, and timely ways we can make a difference for our planet,” said Hartman. “Like any relatively new field, there are lot of fly-by-night companies in it and a lot of pitfalls to avoid. Flic Financial’s strategies are designed to help homeowners make smart decisions and get the right solar product to fit their needs.”


About Flic Financial
Flic Financial was formed in 2022 to provide unique financing solutions for an elite class of solar installers and their customers. The firm provides a collaborative solution for credit-worthy borrowers, the best domestic solar installers and premier lenders that helps homeowners realize their goal of energy independence. Partnering with select installers that use top-of-the-line solar panels and equipment, perform reliable installations and provide strong, responsive service and support, results in borrower’s strong satisfaction with their solar purchase. Headquartered in Houston, Flic serves solar installers across Texas, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Maine and has helped thousands of customers transition to solar. For more information, visit www.FlicFinancial.com.